June 20, 2023 at 4:04 pm

June 20, 2023

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LAS VEGAS, NV (June 20, 2023) — As the Nevada Legislature adjourned it’s 86th regular session “sine die” on Tuesday, June 6, Silver State Equality, Nevada’s statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, recaps its six legislative priorities—all of which were advanced by the Assembly and Senate to the desk of Governor Joe Lombardo who signed five of these bills into law.

Silver State Equality issued the following statement discussing the outcome of its legislative priorities.

“We are thankful to the leadership of the Nevada State Senate and Assembly for recognizing the importance of preserving and continuing Nevada’s leadership relative to the advancement and protection of LGBTQ+ rights,” said State Director André Wade. “While not all the bills we prioritized were signed into law, we’re pleased and grateful the Governor saw fit to protect the rights of transgender Nevadans, including our youth and incarcerated persons. New laws now ensure our youth are able to access preventative sexual health care, and our laws relative to HIV transmission continue to be modernized to reflect significant scientific, medical, and practice advances.  We will continue to push our priorities while helping to elect pro-LGBTQ+ elected officials who will help us as we strive to create a Nevada that is that is healthy, just and fully equal for all LGBTQ+ people.”

André Wade, Silver State Equality State Director, issued the following statements on each of the organization’s legislative priorities.

SB 153: Protections for Incarcerated Transgender Persons – SIGNED INTO LAW

“Thanks to Gov. Joe Lombardo for signing SB153 into law. This vital legislation will ensure that incarcerated transgender persons will be protected and treated with dignity through the implementation of standards of care.”

SB 163: Gender-Affirming Care Coverage by Private & Public Health Insurance – SIGNED INTO LAW

“We appreciate Gov. Joe Lombardo for signing SB 163 into law. SB 163 protects access to medical insurance coverage for gender-affirming care and prevents discrimination against people based on their gender identity. While states across the country are banning and even criminalizing gender-affirming care, Nevada remains a beacon of hope nationwide. Thank you, Gov. Lombardo, for standing behind the diverse communities that make up the Silver State— that truly is the Nevada Way.”

SB 172: Adolescent Access to Preventative Health Care – SIGNED INTO LAW

“Silver State Equality applauds Gov. Joseph Lombardo for SB 172 into Law. As Nevada’s leading LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, Silver State Equality is working hard to ensure all Nevadans have access to health care, so this is an important step forward. Nevada has some of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections in the nation. By allowing sexually active minors to have access to preventative care, this will decrease the risk of them contracting a sexually transmitted infection and passing it onto others, helping to keep our youth safe.”

SB 211: Marriage Certificate Name Change – SIGNED INTO LAW

“Silver State Equality thanks Gov. Joseph Lombardo and Nevada legislators for their leadership in supporting SB 211, the Marriage Certificate Name Change bill. Signing the bill into law affects transgender people who were married before legally changing their birth name. This legislation reminds us that state rules and regulations must be examined and updated to allow people to effortlessly change documents to reflect their true selves. Trans persons can legally change their names on passports, social security cards, and driver’s licenses. Marriage certificates will no longer be the outlier.”

SB 302: Shield Law for Gender-Affirming Care – NOT SIGNED INTO LAW

“By vetoing SB 302, Governor Joe Lombardo declined to protect health care providers who deliver gender affirming care to minors, with the consent and approval of their parents and a team of practitioners.  There are already strict guidance and practices in place that providers follow, SB 302 would not have taken away any authority for his administration to oversee the delivery of care to young people. If nothing else, it would have strengthened it. We will continue to work tirelessly to elect public officials who know that ‘The Nevada Way’ means safety, dignity, respect, and the ability to prosper for all Nevadans.”

SB 439: HIV Modernization – SIGNED INTO LAW

“Silver State Equality praises Gov. Joseph Lombardo for continuing Nevada’s legacy as a leader in advancing the fight against HIV transmission by further modernizing Nevada’s laws on HIV exposure and treatment in alignment with medical advancements. It is encouraging to see our lawmakers understand the importance of ensuring the law is reflective of proven scientific advancements while protecting the rights and health of all Nevadans.”


As Nevada’s statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, Silver State Equality brings the voices of LGBTQ+ people and allies to institutions of power in Nevada and throughout the U.S. Silver State Equality strives to create a world that is healthy, just and fully equal for all LGBTQ+ people. Silver State Equality is a Nevada-based program affiliated with and supported by Equality California and Equality California Institute, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization.  More information at

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